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Taha Jan

Dr. Taha Jan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery and the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology. His laboratory studies the mammalian inner ear sensory epithelium by answering fundamental questions of development and regeneration and performing translational research using disease models of hearing loss. The primary causes of both hearing loss and vestibular dysfunction in humans is the irreversible loss of mechanosensory cells, known as hair cells. Dr. Jan’s laboratory studies development and regeneration of the inner ear’s sensory epithelium with a focus on mitotic hair cell regeneration. A combination of in vivo injury models, mouse genetics, and single-cell transcriptomics are used to gain an in-depth understanding of mitotic hair cell regeneration. As a neurotologist surgeon-scientist with a clinical focus on the diseases of the ear and lateral skull base, Dr. Jan leverages working with primary human inner ear tissues in the laboratory to complement work in animal models. The Jan Lab’s research aims to ultimately identify mechanisms that can be targeted for diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from hearing and balance impairment.

Website: www.tahajanlab.com
Twitter: @TahaJanLab
Email: taha.a.jan@vumc.org

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