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Izumi Kaji

The Kaji Lab investigates gastrointestinal physiology utilizing mouse models and organoids. Dr. Kaji’s long-term interest is how luminal chemosensory signals regulate epithelial cell metabolism, differentiation, and electrolyte transport functions, and how these functions are disrupted in diarrheal diseases. The Kaji Lab currently conducts two major projects that are supported by NIDDK, Vanderbilt DDRC, and VICC GI Spore. 1) NIDDK-funded project focuses on intestinal MYO5B functions with ultimate goal of developing drugs that treat malabsorption in microvillus inclusion disease, which is caused by functional loss of MYO5B, as well as in general diarrhea. 2) Pilot grants-funded projects investigate monocarboxylate transporter functions in different types of epithelial cells under homeostasis and metaplastic conditions.

Twitter: @iKajiLab
Email: izumi.kaji@vumc.org

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